from 1979 to Present

Breed Committee Chair: Jesse Rafael Machuca

of Southern California- USA

I, Jesse Rafael Machuca, am dedicated to the Turkish Angora breed in all aspects of the word. I have had a registered TICA cattery since 2001 and my chairmanship will be summarized in the following statement:


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have voted for me as your TICA Turkish Angora breed chair. For those who did not vote for me, I assure you that I will do everything in my power to address all concerns of all members without regard to friendships or politics.

Each and every one of us are not only advocates of the breed, but also guardians of the cherished Turkish Angora, and it is everyone's responsibility to participate in discussions pertaining to all aspects of the Turkish Angora from our breed standard, health, proposed new traits, outcrosses etc.


I will not make my chairmanship about me because it isn't. The common denominator we all share regardless of friendship is the Turkish Angora. They are the reason we are all here enjoying our selfless hobby.


I encourage international participation in our breed discussions as we are an international association, and I welcome members of other organizations to join TICA. I am very passionate about the preservation of the Turkish Angora breed and it's health. I encourage outcrossing and close collaboration with all Turkish Angora breeders.


The languages that I speak that are represented by our breed are English, Spanish, French and Italian. Do not hesitate to reach out to me in any one of these languages as it is easier for many to express their points of view in their mother tongue.


I would never wish to make any changes without full breed group input and assure you that any decisions affecting our breed will be communicated as soon as they come to light. 
You can trust that I believe we are all equals working towards a shared end result.

Many of you know my positions on controversial subjects, and this should not be the basis for a four year silence. Dialogue irons out wrinkles, and progress requires rolling up your sleeves and getting to work.


Prior to Kit Goodwin becoming the TICA Turkish Angora Breed Chairwoman, hailed Kathryn Amann for two terms. Kathryn's goal with the Turkish Angora can be summarized by one word: Education. She made it a point not only to facilitate clerking schools for TICA, but also to educate judges and the public alike through breed seminars. She is our first Turkish Angora breed chair to create a seminar for all to follow in order to better understand the Turkish Angora breed standard. 


Kathryn showed the first female International winner Tukish Angora female kitten in TICA history, of her own breeding, who therefore became a Lifetime Acheievement winner, CatsNJazz Avalon. Avalon has since won numerous regional wins. 


She is a licensed master clerk and if you are lucky you can see her at shows in the Mid Pacific and Southwest regions.

There isn't a word in the English language to describe Leigh Polli. If one could just use one phrase to describe her influnce on the Turkish Angora breed in TICA one would say "trail-blazer." Leigh Polli was the Turkish Angora breed committee chair for many years and she was instrumental in creating a positive image of Turkish Angoras in TICA


Throughout the history of American Cat exhibition, the Turkish Angora was not well received. Leigh knew that the fundamental challenge with the Turkish Angora was temperament and she breed some of the best tempered cats the show scene had seen. Leigh educated the judges through ad lib, inter judging changes, effectively garnering adoration for the Turkish Angora not only with judges, but with the general public. 


Leigh passed away on October 28, 2006 and will forever be in our hearts. 

Our most recent Turkish Angora Breed Committee Chair Kit Goodwin has been an advocate for Turkish Angoras since 1989. She has not only dedicated her life to the Turkish Angora, but she encourages HCM testing of all cats, effectively reducing the number of HCM positive cats entering the Turkish Angora breeding population. 


Her chairmanship can be summarized in one word: Collaboration. Kit Goodwin has not only ensured the well-being of Turkish Angora breed through genetic testing but also by ensuring that the breed is represented on the International stage by choosing delegates for "Meet the Breeds." She is an integral member of the Turkish Angora breed group and remains active by mentioring future breeders in Turkish Angora Husbandry.